System Overview

Demising Walls / Tenant Separation Walls

There are many ways to construct the demising or tenant separation walls between units to obtain the desired STC rating and U.L. Fire Rating. The most economical and common method is to use a single 6” metal stud wall. If you need a 1-Hour U.L. Fire Rating, you only need one layer of drywall on each side. If you need a 2-Hour U.L. Rating, you’ll have two layers of drywall on each side. You can use either standard fiberglass insulation or Sound Batts (mineral wool). You can put resilient channels on one or both sides depending on the desired STC rating. Infinity Structures had an Independent Lab do a series of STC Tests on our 14 Gage Infinity Wall Panels, so we have actual STC test results on several different wall assemblies. Please consult with Infinity to discuss the STC performance, cost/benefit, pros and cons of the various assemblies.